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Treasure Hunters

treasurehunterTitle: Treasure Hunters
Author: James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein
Series: Treasure Hunters #1
Recommended for: 3rd grade –  6th grade
Pages: 451 pages
Call Number/Link:  J FICTION PATTERSON, J.

Synopsis: The Kidd siblings have grown up diving down to shipwrecks and traveling the world, helping their famous parents recover everything from swords to gold doubloons from the bottom of the ocean. But after their parents disappear on the job, the kids are suddenly thrust into the biggest treasure hunt of their lives. They’ll have to work together to defeat dangerous pirates and dodge the hot pursuit of an evil treasure hunting rival, all while following cryptic clues to unravel the mystery of what really happened to their parents–and find out if they’re still alive.

I want to start off by saying that I listened to the audio book, which I think gives a different spin on the book.  I can’t say that I would have finished it if I was just reading.  Why you may ask?  I loved the reader of the audio book he totally nailed the voices of the four siblings and I enjoyed listening to it. The book really portrayed how siblings get along or don’t at times, especially in troubled times.  These four are especially close as they have lived on a sail boat their whole lives. There is tons of action, with scuba diving, boat chases, reading maps, hidden compartments, secret messages, pirates, CIA agents, slimy black market dealers and an Uncle that really isn’t an Uncle.  If I had to read the book the sibling arguing would have gotten old really fast. Plus, the author talking to the reader bugs me (Just a personal thing).  This is a series and I don’t know how many books there will be, but the third book just came out.

I would recommend this book to kids who liked Genius Files by Dan Gutman and NERDS by Michael Buckley


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Mission Unstoppable

mission unstoppableTitle: Mission Unstoppable
Author: Dan Gutman
Series: The Genius Files
Recommended for: 3rd – 6th Grade
Pages: 293 pages
Call Number/Link: J GUT 

Synopsis: The most exciting road trip in history begins! In this action-packed, New York Timesbestselling adventure, twelve-year-old twins Coke and Pepsi McDonald embark on a family vacation you’ll have to read to believe.

With the real-kid humor that has earned Dan Gutman millions of fans around the world, and featuring weird-but-true American tourist destinations, The Genius Files is a one-of-a-kind mix of geography and fun. As Coke and Pepsi dodge nefarious villains from the Pez museum in California all the way to the Infinity Room in Wisconsin, black-and-white photographs and maps put young readers right into the action.

As an adult I thought the kids names were funny with having names of rival pop companies.  The parents and adults are no help at all to the kids.  That said the book was great.  I think kids that love adventure will love it cause something is always happening.I really think your reluctant reader, because you can read a chapter or two (really short) and then go look up the fun random fact that you learned about.  Mrs. McDonald, Coke and Pepsi mom, has a web site called Weird but True, so throughout the whole book you get little facts that you can google and get more information.  I just learned that there is a Spam Museum, who knew.  I also think that this book could work well for teachers with the common core.

How to sell the book: Twins are going on a family trip across country.  They stop at weird but true museums, singing sand dunes, and big balls of twine locations.  All the while being chased by assassins, but not knowing why.

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The Crossover


The Crossover book jacket

Title:   The Crossover
Author:   Kwame Alexander
Series:   none
Recommended for:   Grades 6 and up (definitely).  Some kids in grades 4-5 have loved it.  Grabs reluctant boy readers and sports fans.
Pages:   237 pages


Rating:  *****

Newbery Award Winner

Synopsis:  Fourteen-year-old twin basketball stars Josh and Jordan wrestle with highs and lows on and off the court as their father ignores his declining health.


Comments:   I heard great things about The Crossover and was not disappointed when I finally read it.  I was so happy when it won the Newbery!  It features African-American twins who are the stars of their school’s eighth grade basketball team.  I was concerned that the format (novel in verse) would detract from the story, but it worked really well.

I appreciated the strong, cohesive family unit.  Their parents are very involved in their sons’ lives, and make no secret of the fact that they love their sons and each other.  The twins have been each others’ best friends – but then one gets his first girl friend and ignores his brother, who feels abandoned and lonely without him.  It is also a book where actions (or lack of action on one character’s part) have definite consequences.

But…   bottom line for kids is that it’s an exciting book about a couple of brothers who play basketball.



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