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Sneaky Sheep

Sneaky Sheep cover

Title:   Sneaky Sheep
Author:   Chris Monroe
Series:   —
Recommended for:  older preschoolers, grade school students
Pages:   32
Call Number/Link:   E Monro


Rating:  ****





Blossom and Rocky, two sneaky and not very bright sheep, keep trying to get away from the rest of the flock, in spite of the dangers they encounter.


Blossom and Rocky are a pair of thrill seeking sheep.  Previous bad decisions have included juggling fire, skateboarding without a helmet and sun bathing on a railroad track.  Their newest obsession is that they want to visit a meadow high on the mountainside, since the grass is always greener….  Murphy the sheep dog denies their repeated requests and thwarts most of their sneaky plans to get away.  But one day he is distracted and the sheep make a break for it.  They encounter a wolf and other danger.  Thank goodness for their rescuer Murphy.

This book made me laugh.  What silly sheep!  The illustrations are cute and add to the humor, showing past events not  mentioned in the text.


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Counting Ovejas

Counting Ovejas cover

Title:   Counting Ovejas
Author:   Sarah Weeks
Illustrator:  David Diaz
Recommended for:  Preschool and early elementary students, either in their native language or a language they are learning.   Students of any age who are beginning to learn English or Spanish.
Pages:   32 pages
Call Number/Link:  SPA E WEEKS, S.

Rating:    ****




When increasing numbers of sheep in a rainbow of colors appear in a boy’s bedroom as he tries to fall asleep, he must resort to more and more elaborate means of removing them. What do you do when you can’t sleep? Count sheep in Spanish and English, of course! But what happens when those rascally sheep get a little too close for comfort? Well, if you’re anything like the sleepy little hero in this clever tale, you might just tire yourself out trying to get rid of them!


I love this book for a few reasons.  It is bilingual.  The author provided a pronunciation guide under each sentence in Spanish.  It is both a color book and a counting book.  And the illustrations are cute, especially the sheep.

It can be read to children just for fun OR to help them learn a new language.  (Adults and teens are more likely to read it to learn basic vocabulary in their second language – it’s always good to know colors and numbers!)






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