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fig Jacket

Title:  Fig

Author:  Sarah Elizabeth Schantz
Series: N/A
Recommended for: Teens – High School
Pages:  352

Synopsis:  Love and sacrifice intertwine in this brilliant debut of rare beauty about a girl dealing with her mother’s schizophrenia and her own mental illness.  Fig’s world lies somewhere between reality and fantasy.
But as she watches Mama slowly come undone, it becomes hard to tell what is real and what is not, what is fun and what is frightening. To save Mama, Fig begins a fierce battle to bring her back. She knows that her daily sacrifices, like not touching metal one day or avoiding water the next, are the only way to cure Mama.

Review: This is a very deep book and definitely for older teens unless they are going through the same thing. It is very interesting in that it really gave you depth into how the illness looks through a growing child’s eyes.

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