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The Octopuppy

octopuppy2Title: The Octopuppy
Author: Martin McKenna
Series: n/a
Recommended for:  Preschool – 1st Grade
Pages: 32 pages
Call Number/Link:  E MCKENNA, M.

Synopsis: Edgar wanted a pet dog, but what he got instead was a rather brilliant octopus named Jarvis.

This picture book is no different than other books about wanting a pet and getting a pet you didn’t want. Like all the other books Edgar, the boy, learns to love his pet by the end.  The huge difference is the other books had actual pets you can buy at a pet store, not this one.  Watch out pet stores you might have kids asking for an Octopuppy (Octopus) soon.  The octopus named Jarvis is so cool.  One thing that Jarvis does is wrap himself in toilet paper and pretends to be a mummy when told to play dead! I would love to have him as a pet if he could really do all those things pictured.  He can do things way better than any dog or regular pet for that matter.  The illustrations are wonderful and add to the text what is going on in the minds of Jarvis and Edgar.  I also like that the text is big and not text heavy in the picture book.

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