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Is That Wise, Pig?


Title:   Is That Wise, Pig?
Author:   Jan Thomas
Series:   —  
Recommended for:  preschoolers, grades K-2, toddlers
Pages:   32
Call Number/Link:  E Thomas, J.

Rating:   ****






Cow and Pig are helping Mouse make a delicious soup, but Pig keeps trying to add ingredients that don’t make sense! Mouse is making a yummy pot of soup and Cow and Pig are helping add ingredients. Mouse adds four tomatoes, Cow adds five potatoes, and Pig adds…six galoshes?! Is that wise, Pig? Young readers will be so busy giggling at Pig’s antics, they won’t even realize they are counting, too. A twist ending and irresistible characters will make this a favorite read-aloud.


I loved this one.  It made me laugh!  It would work well for Preschool Storytime or Toddler Time.  It could also work well as a readaloud for kids in kindergarten and first grade.  (And for first and second graders to read on their own.)

I was having so much fun that I didn’t remember later that it was a counting book.






**mostly written in October 2016


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Click, Clack, Surprise

clickclack-surpriseTitle: Click, Clack, Surprise!
Author: Doreen Cronin 
Series: Click Clack Moo books
Recommended for: Preschool – 3rd Grade
Pages: 40 Pages
Call Number/Link:  E CRONIN, D 

Synopsis: Little Duck celebrates his first birthday with the other animals on the farm by copying their examples, from shearing off all his feathers to taking a mudbath, before enjoying Farmer Brown’s yummy frosted maple cake.

This is another cute book by Doreen Cronin.  Little duck doesn’t know how to get ready for the big party so he watches all the other animals and copies what the others do.  I always enjoy her books, but also the illustrations.  This is a book that can be used for a read aloud or just one on one.

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