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Hawk Mother: The Story of a Red-tailed Hawk Who Hatched Chicks

Title:   Hawk Mother:  The Story of a Red-tailed Hawk Who Hatched Chickens
Author:   Kara Hagedorn
Series:   —
Recommended for:   students in grades K-4, either as a class read-aloud, one-on-one sharing or for independent reading
Pages:   unpaged
Call Number/Link:  E 598.944 HAG

Rating:   ****



What happens when two baby chickens find themselves in a nest with a hawk? Don’t hawks usually eat chickens? Sunshine, a red-tailed hawk, can no longer fly free. But her instinct to be a mother is so strong that she builds a nest in her aviary every spring and lays two infertile eggs. One year, Kara, her caretaker, decides to try something different. She gives Sunshine two chicken eggs. Join zoologist Kara Hagedorn and Sunshine to find out what happens in this delightful story of interspecies cooperation.


This book is both informative nonfiction for children and an interesting read-aloud.  Win-Win!  I think kids in kindergarten and up would be able to understand it best.  (And enjoy it most due to “getting” it.)



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Hatching Chicks in Room 6

hatching-chicks-coverTitle:   Hatching Chicks in Room 6
Author:   Caroline Arnold
Series:   —
Recommended for:  grades K-4 as a readaloud, grades 2 and up for children to read by themselves.  Could work for older preschoolers for one-on-one reading.
Pages:   36 p.
Call Number/Link:  E 636.5 ARN

Rating:   ****




Kindergartners learn about the life cycle of a chicken, incubating eggs, watching them hatch and raising them until they are old enough to go to the chicken coop.



It is no surprise that I enjoyed learning more about this process.  Getting to watch the eggs hatch is one of my favorite things at both the County Fair and the Museum of Science and Industry.

This book is written in a way that is interesting to children and includes clear photo illustrations that enhance the text.  The photos make the book more interesting and eye-catching.  They also help children understand how the chicks develop.

This book would be a great classroom readaloud for grades K-2, but it could also be fine to read it out loud to kids in grades 3-4.  Older preschoolers could also enjoy it one-on-one, especially if they are fascinated by chickens, eggs or farm life.



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Mother Bruce

mother bruceTitle: Mother Bruce
Author: Ryan T. Higgins
Series: n/a
Recommended for: Preschool and up
Pages: 39 pages
Call Number/Link:  E HIGGINS, R.

Synopsis: Bruce is a grumpy bear who likes no one and nothing but cooked eggs, but when some eggs he was planning to boil hatch and the goslings believe he is their mother, he must try to make the best of the situation.

Bruce may be grumpy but he uses the internet to look up recipes, a grocery cart to collect ingredients in the forest and he likes to support local business.  This picture book made me laugh.  I had to check it out and read to my older children, who found it funny also.  The graphics are great and add to the great story as you can see Bruce is grumpy throughout the book.  The text is big, bold, and not a whole lot per page.  I think those who like Tops and Bottoms or Tacky the Penguin may enjoy this book.

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