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Nate the Great and the Tardy Tortoise

Title:   Nate the Great and the Tardy Tortoise
Author:   Marjorie Weinman Sharmat
Series:   Nate the Great
Recommended for:  early readers who are almost ready for chapter books.  Also as a readaloud for children ages 4 and up.
Pages:   41 p.
Call Number/Link:  READER SHARMAT, M.

Rating:   ****




As more and more of his flowers display the bite marks of a wandering tortoise, Nate sets out to uncover the mystery of the reptile’s origins.


It is difficult to find mysteries for children at an early reader level who either want a mystery or need to read one for school.  Nate the Great is an excellent choice for those children.  While Nate is solving actual mysteries, with the help of his dog Fang, his methods will make sense to kids reading the book.  He solves mysteries by looking around, making observations and thinking about what he has seen.

I appreciate that the book’s text and illustrations are timeless, so that kids can continue enjoying Nate the Great for years to come.


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Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer

theodore-booneTitle: Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer
Author: John Grisham
Series: Theodore Boone
Recommended for: 4th grade and up
Pages: 263 pages

Synopsis: With two attorneys for parents, thirteen-year-old Theodore Boone knows more about the law than most lawyers do. But when a high profile murder trial comes to his small town and Theo gets pulled into it, it’s up to this amateur attorney to save the day. 

Theo is a good kid who likes to help others. He happens to know the law because of his parents both being lawyers. So kids come up to him with their parents problems and ask for help.  That felt real unrealistic to me, but this is fiction.  In this book Theo is approached by a kid that knows a persons that is an eyewitness to a huge murder trial. This would be the only eyewitness to the murder, but the trail is already underway and Theo does know what to do.  So most of the book he is trying to figure out what to do, while random cases come to him.  This was an ok read for me.  I was expecting a lot more out of John Grisham.  The whole time I felt like I was getting lectured.  I may try reading the next to see if this first book was just setting the stage for the next in the series.

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