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Bees book cover

Title:   Bees
Author:   Laura Marsh
Series:   National Geographic Kids
Recommended for:  early readers (though not very early readers), preschool and gr. K-2 as readaloud
Pages:   32
Call Number/Link:   READER 595.799 MAR

Rating:   ****






Introduces honeybees, describing their physical features, different roles in the hive, and the importance of bee pollination for the world’s food supply.


An inviting source of information about honeybees for the picture book/early reader crowd.  Interesting text, vivid photographic illustrations, important vocabulary defined within the text as “Buzz Words.”  Thanks to the cool facts about bees section, I now know that bees can see colors and prefer blue, purple and yellow flowers.  (Not coincidentally, I have decided to plant red and pink flowers this year.)  I especially enjoyed the riddles scattered through the book.  The quiz at the end of the book lets the reader check how much he or she has learned.



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