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I’m Afraid Your Teddy Is in Trouble Today

Title:   I’m Afraid Your Teddy Is in Trouble Today
Author:   Jancee Dunn     Illustrated:  Scott Nash
Series:  —
Recommended for:  students in grades K-5, either as a readaloud or independent reading.  This would be a great choice for parents who are looking for a book to read to a classroom.
Pages:   unpaged  (probably 32 p.)
Call Number/Link:   E DUNN, J.

Rating:   ****





When a teddy bear invites his stuffed animal friends to a party at his house while the humans are away, they have a wild time and the police arrive on the scene.


There I was, thinking that stuffed animals spent their days resting, just waiting for their owners to come home from school.  Thanks to this expose, I now know the truth.  I did NOT imagine that the empty house had gotten more messy during the day.  It seems that teddy bears and their stuffed animal companions make pancakes, jump on the bed, and even (gasp) play dress-up with their owner’s clothes.

Children who are old enough to “get” this book will find it very funny.  First, just the idea of “stuffed animals gone wild” is funny.  Second, the animals’ activity choices make total sense.  With the exception of bathing in chocolate syrup, this could be a child’s dream party – and the activities make total sense for stuffed animals too.

I imagine this book being read in a very straightforward understated “just the facts ma’am” manner.  I think the deadpan delivery would be a good counterpoint to the story’s chaos.  However, I can also imagine it being read in a more excited, “can you BELIEVE what they just did?” way.  That could also be very effective.

Or the reader can just read it without any thought of presentation or delivery and it still would be fine.  It’s that funny a book.



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Thanks for Thanksgiving

Title:    Thanks for Thanksgiving
Author:   Julie Markes
Series:   —
Recommended for:   Individual and group reading to toddlers, preschoolers and kindegarteners
Pages:   32 p.
Call Number/Link:  E MARKES, J.

Rating:    ****






At Thanksgiving time, children express their gratitude for the people and things in their lives.


It can be very frustrating to try to find a Thanksgiving book that is a good choice for Toddler Time and/or Preschool Storytime.  Hurray!  I was thrilled to discover this one!

While it is a Thanksgiving book, it is also a book about thankfulness.  It talks about seasonal reasons the kids are grateful (turkey, pie, golden leaves) and everyday things like school, swings, slides, puppies, puddles and MOST of all, the family they love.

The book has a brief rhyming text and large striking illustrations that will be easily visible at Storytime.

I am sooo thankful for Thanks for Thanksgiving!




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Dragon Was Terrible


Title:   Dragon Was Terrible
Author:   Kelly DiPucchio
Series:   –
Recommended for:   Ages 4-8
Pages:   32 p.
Call Number/Link:   E DIPUCCHIO, K.

Rating:   ****






When a dragon has a temper tantrum, no one can tame him, except for a little boy with a good book.


More accurately, when a dragon consistently engages in very bad behavior, the king tries to find someone who can tame him.  How bad is this behavior, you ask?  He spit on cupcakes, TP’d the castle, victimized ducklets and baby unicorns, burped loudly in church, put graffiti on walls, and that’s just a start.  Knights and other adults did not have any success.  Thank goodness for the little boy who decided to read the dragon (and everyone else) a good book!

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Crash! The Cat


Title:   Crash!  The Cat
Author:   David McPhail
Series:   —
Recommended for:  Preschoolers, toddlers, babies
Pages:   32 p.
Call Number/Link:   E MCPHAIL, D.

Rating:   ***



“The family cat destroys everything in his path, and the two girls who love him worry that he may be sick or blind in this story of unconditional pet love”– Provided by publisher.


Really cute book!  It has minimal text and expressive illustrations.  It would be a good choice for  Toddler Time, Lapsit and as a shorter selection for Preschool Storytime.

Could be used for these storytime themes:  cats, messes, sisters, pets, family life



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My friend has Down Syndrome/Mi amiga tiene sindrome de Down


Title: My Friend Has Down Syndrome/Mi amiga tiene sindrome de Down


Author: Amanda Doering


Series: Picture Window Bilingual – Friends with Disabilities


Recommended for: ages 5-8 years old

Pages: 24 pages
Call Number/Link:  SPA E 616.858842

Synopsis: It tells about a girl that has a friend with down symdrome and how fun she is while having a few things different about her.  This book received mixed reviews, they could improve upon it but there is very little out there regarding children with disabilities that is written for a younger audience. This is great for a classroom and also for children that may need to understand people that are different and how to behave.  Not bad since it is bilingual and a resource for many different people.  The series also touching upon other areas such as ADHD, dyslexia, and autism.


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Max & Ruby’s Preschool Pranks

Preschool Pranks cover

Title:   Max & Ruby’s Preschool Pranks
Author:   Rosemary Wells
Series:   Max & Ruby
Recommended for:   I think ages 4-7 would find this book funniest
Pages:   unpaged
Call Number/Link:   E Wells, R.

Rating:   ***


“Max‘s big sister Ruby and her best friend Louise play school with their younger siblings”– Provided by publisher.



I think Ruby might be the bossiest big sister ever, although her friend Louise is in close competition.  It always makes me so happy when Max outwits her.  Go Max!

This book seems best for independent or one-on-one reading rather than use in a large group.

It could be fun for the grown-up and child reading the book to make their own volcano afterwards.  They could also try different substances in the volcano to see which combination(s) worked best.  If they’re really brave, they could include everything that Max and Lily put in their volcano.  I’m unconvinced that their concoction would actually “explode,” but it could be interesting to see what (if anything) happens.

The flaps are cute and add to the story.  They are kind of fun, but they aren’t FUN.  (However, erupting volcanoes are FUN.)



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Hands off, Harry!

Tihands offtle: Hands Off, Harry!
Author:  Rosemary Wells
Series: Kindergators
Recommended for: Preschool to maybe 1st grade
Pages: 32
Call Number/Link:  E WELLS


Harry has trouble keeping his hands off his classmates until Tina thinks of the perfect piece of gym equipment to teach him about personal space.

The incomparable Rosemary Wells has created a series of books to help with issues that might come up in a classroom setting–preschool or kindergarten.  This book is one of the few books I have seen that discusses strategies for kids who touch other people and their things.  It is a funny story, but it teaches a lesson and gives action steps.  It is also much more nuanced than a title like “Hands are Not for Hitting.”  I get questions about issues like this a lot, and this book is very helpful.The only other book in the series currently appears to be Miracle Melts Down about temper tantrums in the classroom.

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