If the Magic Fits

02 Dec

if-the-magic-fitsTitle: If the Magic Fits
Author: Susan Maupin Schmid
Series: 100 Dresses
Recommended for: 3rd – 7th grade
Pages: 304 pages
Call Number/Link:  CD J FICTION SCHMID, S.
Synopsis: Darling Dimple, a young orphan, discovers a closet full of magical dresses, each of which gives her the appearance of another person in the castle and that, along with her own magical abilities, helps her protect Princess Mariposa from betrayal as the castle swarms with suitors.

This was a good adventure for young children.  Darling Dimple is a dreamer, orphan, stroyteller and would love to have an adventure.  Well she gets her adventure, when she gets moved from and under scrubber to one of the Queens Maid. She had to deal with bulling from other maids, and getting lost in the castle.  She happens upon magic dresses and her life takes a turn from boring to and adventure.  I can tell that this book is setting you up for the rest of the series so you get a decent amount of background information.  I would recommend this series for those who liked Tuesdays at the Castle.

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