Grimm’s Fairy Tales AudioBook

02 Dec

Title: Grimm’s Fairy Tales (AudioBook CD edition) Grimm's Fairy Tales
Author: Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
Series: Listening Library’s Classics 
Recommended for: Ages 10+
Time: 3 Hours, 38 Minutes
Call Number/Link:  CD J 398.2 GRI

Synopsis: This audio collection contains 21 of the most timeless and enchanting folk and fairy tales collected by the Brothers Grimm as read by a cast of award-winning narrators.

Comments: The Listening Library’s audio collection of Grimm’s Fairy Tales presents these tales in all of their original, macabre glory, with the charm of being read aloud by lovely British grandparents. I had forgotten how stereotypical Grimm’s stories are until I listened to every man fall in love at first sight with a girl whose beauty outshone the sun, and she fell for the disguise of the wicked stepmother for the third time in a row, and the penalty for not being able to do an impossible task is death; and all this is perfectly fine. The lesser known tales, like The White Snake and Snow-White and Rose Red, were a nice inclusion to the the well-known classics. This audiobook is definitely for older elementary school kids who are ok with death, bloody dismemberment, and severed horse heads that still talk when nailed to a gate.

I was hoping for some celebrity readers, like Benedict Cumberbatch, but the assembled award winning narrators gave nuanced performances that brought characters to life. There is also a pleasant musical interlude between tales that added a little extra something to the collection. For an audio sample of Rapunzel, click here.

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