Heroes for my Daughter

11 Nov


Title:   Heroes for my Daughter
Author:   Brad Meltzer
Series:   —
Recommended for:   parents and teachers to share with children, independent reading fourth grade to adulthood
Pages:   115 p.
Call Number/Link:  J 920,02 MEL

Rating:  ****



Meltzer presents short overviews of extraordinary heroes and role models for girls. The result is a diverse set of individuals from across time and from all walks of life.  One thing they all have in common is that they were ordinary people who became extraordinary.

Metzer was inspired by the birth of his daughter to create this collection, but this book is appropriate for children, parents, teachers, and anyone looking for inspiration. The sixty featured figures represent the spectacular potential we all have within us to change the world. The format allows for reading straight through or at one’s own pace, and includes photos, quotes, brief biographies, and vignettes that highlight the single moment that made each person great. The diverse heroes included in the book are women, men, historical, contemporary, athletes, actors, inventors, politicians, and so many more.

People profiled include Marie Curie, Audrey Hepburn, Helen Keller, Christopher Reeve, Carol Burnett, Sacajawea, Theodore Roosevelt, Julia Child, Stevie Wonder, Susan B. Anthony, Winston Churchill, Eleanor Roosevelt, Tina Turner, Wangari Maathai, Agatha Christie, Leonardo da Vinci, Sojourner Truth, Branch Rickey, Ella Fitzgerald, Mahatma Gandhi, Mary Shelley, Billie Jean King, Temple Grandin, Rosa Parks, Jane Goodall, The Dalai Lama, Abraham Lincoln, Thurgood Marshall, Dorothea Lange, Sally Ride, Benjamin Franklin, Wilma Rudolph.


This is a very nice book and would be a good choice for a teacher or parent who wants to read a profile or two a day to children.  It could also work as a readaloud to teens or adults.  And, of course, it is a good choice for independent reading for readers, ages 9 and up, who enjoy biographies and inspirational stories.

The profiles are brief enough that it is not a first choice for kids doing biography reports, although it could provide supplementary information.  It would be an excellent choice for a family history project.

The author wrote a companion book titled Heroes for my Son.





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