100 Days of Cake

06 Jul

100 days of cake cover

Title:    100 Days of Cake
Author:   Shari Goldhagen
Series:  —
Recommended for:  teen girls who like sad books and aren’t picky readers
Pages:   339 p.
Call Number/Link:   Teen Fiction Goldhagen, S.

Rating:  *






“Molly suffers from depression, and when she finds out that the exotic fish store she works at is closing down, her whole life, which is already hanging on a thread, starts to crumble”– Provided by publisher.


The title immediately grabbed me.  100 days of cake?  What a wondrous idea!!!!

Spoiler alert:  it’s not really about cake.  deep sigh.

It is the summer before her senior year of high school, and Molly is battling a severe case of depression.  It is not a new development in her life.  Molly is on antidepressant medication and sees a counselor once a week, but she continues to struggle.  It doesn’t help that she has a crush on her counselor, or that he makes a pass at her.

Molly’s mother was feeling a bit desperate when she heard the idea that baking a cake per day for 100 days could lead to happiness.  She decided it was worth a try.

Molly’s best bud at work (another high school student) is interested in Molly, but she is too scared to date him.  She thinks he’ll be disappointed when he finds out that she’s not super cheerful and fun.  (He already knows, but likes her anyway.)

Had to force myself to finish the book.  I can usually read quickly, but plodded through this one.


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