05 Jul

RhymocerosTitle: Rhymoceros
Author: Janik Coat
Series: N/A
Recommended for: Ages 6 months – 6 years
Pages: 36
Call Number/Link:   E Coat, J.

Synopsis: A blue rhinoceros unabashedly subjects himself to undignified elements in order to demonstrate sixteen pairs of rhyming words, from “caring” and “daring” to “stinky” and “inky.” Surprising novelty features such as gold foil stamping and flocking enhance this unique, gifty, high-design concept board book.

Comments: This is a pretty cute book. I was looking for a board book with furry blurrylarge touch and feel sections on the page. Only about 5 pages are especially tactile, (bumpy, furry, mossy, glossy, and quilted), but most of the pictures are very cute. Blurry looks just how the picture would look without glasses, Inky looks like someone has really scribbled on the page, and Gold is actual reflective gold foil.

My 9 month old son loved all the tactile pages and would flip between them to feel each one. Older children will find the rhymes educational and the pictures funny. Because this is a large size board book, it’s “hidden” with the other E books and is in relatively great shape. I would love to do this book for a storytime! chilly frilly

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