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Brownie and Pearl Go for a Spin


Title: Brownie and Pearl Go for a Spin
Author: Cynthia Rylant
Series: Brownie and Pearl books
Recommended for: 18 months-K
Call Number/Link: E RYLANT

Synopsis: Brownie and Pearl have a new toy car! Join them as they cruise around the neighborhood, greeting neighbors, delivering the mail, and—yum!—sharing tasty carry-out snacks.

With their simple stories, bold, graphic illustrations, and pitch-perfect moments of humor, the books in Cynthia Rylant’s acclaimed Brownie & Pearl series are a wonderful choice for babies, emerging readers, and everyone in between!

Review: These books are fun and interactive and really keeps a toddlers attention. They also come in a beginning reader format. Those are found in the reader section under READER RYLANT,C.


Randi Rhodes Ninja Detective

randi rhodes

Title: Randi Rhodes, Ninja Detective The Sweetest Heist in History: Book 2

Author: Octavia Spencer

Series: Randi Rhodes, Ninja Detective

Recommended for: Grades 3-7 

Pages: 209


Call Number/Link:  J Fiction Spencer, O.


Synopsis: Randi Rhodes and her fellow ninja detectives, DC and Pudge, were flying high after solving the Case of the Time-Capsule Bandit. But life in sleepy Deer Creek has begun to feel…a bit boring. There are no crimes to investigate! But a trip to New York City to visit Randi’s aunt changes that! While the ninja detective trio explores Randi’s old neighborhood in Brooklyn, they uncover an art heist. Except no one will believe them. So they’ll just have to catch the criminals in the act…

Thoughts: I thought this book was a little slow at first and the vocabulary might be a little high for a 3rd grader but then the action picked up.  I was able to finish reading the book once the storyline improved.  I would say this is for a higher reader in third grade and this is the second book in the series.  Definately worth recommending if a patron likes action with young kids kicking some people around.

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LumberJanes Vol 2 Friendship to the max

LumberJanes Vol 2 Friendship to the max


Title: LumberJanes: Friendship to the max
Author: Noelle Stevenson
Series: LumberJanes
Recommended for: Grades 4-8
Pages: Unpaginated
Call Number/Link:  GN J LUMBERJANES V. 2
“Five best friends spending the summer at Lumberjane scout camp…defeating yetis, three-eyed wolves, and giant falcons…what’s not to love?! Friendship to the max! Jo, April, Mal, Molly and Ripley are five best pals determined to have an awesome summer together…and they’re not gonna let any insane quest or an array of supernatural critters get in their way!”
Review: I really, really wanted to love Lumberjanes, but frankly Volume two left me cold. Volume one started out strong with plenty of mystery and questions. Admittedly there was a gap in my reading of volume one to volume two, but frankly the skip left me mostly lost, and by the time I caught the thread of the adventure, the book was over. A decent recap and perhaps a Dramatis personæ of the characters is a must for the book, as the shift in art style leaves two of the characters looking very visually similar.
Volume two is exceptionally short, almost half the book’s run time is devoted to a mixture of art inserts and previews for other titles. What makes this even more annoying is that there is apparently a volume three. I feel that if there was enough material for a third volume, than two should not have had as much filler material. However, that there is a volume three makes me pause, because it gives me hope that there will be a big ending with a more reasonable conclusion. Missing this ending makes two feel a poor choice to recommend for now.

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Who We Are! All about being the same and being different

Jacket[1] (2)

Title: Who We Are! All about being the same and being different
Author: Robie H. Harris
Series: Let’s Talk About You and Me
Recommended for: K- 2nd grade
Pages: 40
Call Number/Link:  E 158.2 HAR

Synopsis: Join Nellie, Gus, baby Jake, and their parents at Funland as they go on rides, watch performers, and play games along with many other children and grown-ups. As they enjoy their excursion, they notice that people are the same as one another in lots of ways, and different in lots of ways too. Accessible, humorous, family-filled illustrations; conversations between Gus and Nellie; and straightforward text come together to help children realize why it’s important to treat others the way they want to be treated and the way you want to be treated whether a person is a lot like you or different from you, a good friend or someone you have just met or seen for the first time. (from the catalog)

Review:  I had mixed feelings about this book.  I loved the illustrations throughout the entire book. They showed all types of families who are from all different racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, as well as some people with physical challenges. The text discusses how people are basically the same even though they are different in many ways.  It describes many ways people are different.  Unfortunately the text on each page goes on and on and on.  It would make a great read aloud for kids if it had only 1/3 of the words!  You could use the illustrations to start conversations about differences.  Currently it is too long and very boring.  But the pictures are fantastic!


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