The iPhone that Saved George Washington

11 Feb

iphone GWTitle:  The iPhone that Saved George Washington
Author: David Potter
Series: The Left Behinds
Recommended for: 4th-7th grade
Pages: 344
Call Number/Link:  J FICTION POTTER, D.



Synopsis:  Three students, Mel, Bev, and Brandon, left behind at their prestigious school during Christmas break, find themselves in 1776 New Jersey with General George Washington dead at their feet, and twelve-year-old Mel must find a way, using his iPhone, to set things right.

Review:  This is like the Magic Tree House for older kids.  The iPhone has an app that sends them back in time, and hilarity ensues.  Kids will learn about history, the adventure is madcap and the narrator is witty.  My biggest quibble is that I got bored of them using the iPhone to befuddle people from history.  I didn’t want to hear them explain the iPhone any more times, and the sequence where they tried to recharge the battery with Benjamin Franklin was kind of ludicrous.  For me, the action picked up once they actually took part in changing history back to where it should be and used ingenuity instead of cheap iPhone tricks.  At the end of the story, they discover that this is all a dastardly plot to create mayhem, and more adventures will be forthcoming.  A trilogy is planned.

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