The Goblin Baby

02 Jan

Goblin Baby cover

Title:   The Goblin Baby
Author:   Berlie Doherty
Series:   Stepping Stone Book
Recommended for:   kids who like fantasy, kids who are required to read fantasy for school, seems best for grades 3-5 – younger as a read-aloud
Pages:   120 pages
Call Number/Link:   J DOH

Rating:   ***





After nine-year-old Tam’s baby sister is stolen away by faeries and replaced by a goblin baby, he must journey to the land of the faeries to retrieve her and bring her back home.


It can be a challenge to find a fantasy book that is 100-150 pages long and will have appeal for kids who “don’t like fantasy.”  The Goblin Baby meets those criteria.  The story follows a traditional fairy/folk tale plot line.  The faeries come to a house with a young baby and snatch the baby, leaving a changeling (or goblin baby) in its place.  The baby’s older brother goes on a quest to get the baby from the faerie queen and king.  He needs to obey challenging rules to be able to get back home, and the faeries try to tempt him to break those rules.  The brother’s bravery, self-control and good heart ultimately save the day – and get his baby sister back.





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