Upside-down Magic

14 Dec

upside down magicTitle: Upside-down Magic
Author: Sarah Mlynoswki
Series: Upside-down Magic #1
Recommended for: 2nd-4th
Pages: 196 pages
Call Number/Link:  J FICTION MLYNOWSKI, S.
Synopsis: With their magic being unpredictable, Nory, Elliott, Andres, and Bax are sent to the upsidedown magic room at Dunwiddle Magic School.

I am going to admit that I picked up this audio book because of the cover.  It is hard to resist the adorable black kitten with dragon wings. The good part is the book is about accepting who you are, no matter if others find you different.  That is great and a good message.

What I didn’t like is that (spoiler alert) her family didn’t accept Nory.  As a parent I was appalled at how Nory’s father and siblings treated her.  My youngest son of course doesn’t seem like he even notices.  I will see when he finishes it what he thinks.  I know that a second book is going to come out, and maybe the family situation will be resolved at that time.

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