When Lunch Fights Back: Wickedly Clever Animal Defenses

29 Nov

Title: When Lunch Fights Back: Wickedly Clever Animal Defenses
Author: Rebecca L. Johnson
Series: n/a
Recommended for: 1-6th grade
Pages: 48
Call Number/Link:  J 591.47 JOH

Synopsis: Presents the various types of defenses mechanisms used by animals, including the bone spikes of the African hairy frog, the delunch fights backadly poison of the blue-spotted N. taracua termite, and the hammer-like punch of the peacock mantis shrimp.

Did you know that the fulmar chick when it’s threatened will spew a foul smelling orange-yellow vomit to chase away its attacker or that a  horned lizard has the ability to shoot streams of blood from it’s eyes to defend itself?  These are the kinds of facts that are in this book about animal defenses.  Each chapter is about an animal that has a weird and disgusting way to defend itself.  The first part of the chapter describes a narrative in which the creature is under attack, and the later part describes the science behind the story, sometimes including information about how scientists made their discoveries.

This book could possibly used for a child writing a report for basic information, but I think this will really appeal to the kids who really likes the gross stuff.  The photography shows these animals in great detail, and often while they are doing what they do to defend themselves. 



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