Dory and the real true friend

03 Nov



Title: Dory and the real true friend
Author: Abby Hanlon
Series: Dory books
Recommended for: K thru 3
Pages: 152
Call Number/Link:  J FICTION HANLON, A.

Synopsis: Dory, a highly imaginative youngest child, makes a new friend at school but her brother and sister are sure Rosabelle is imaginary, just like all of Dory‘s other friends. 

As written by Carolyn Phelan for Booklist, “Known as Rascal in her family, Dory is high-spirited, creative, and frequently in trouble. Plenty of kids have imaginary friends, but supercreative Dory has two—and an imaginary enemy as well. A new school year is starting, though, and she longs for a real friend. Does that mean leaving the others behind? From the first day of class, Dory tries to befriend Rosabelle. Before the story ends, she discovers that the girl’s enormous talent for imaginative play adds a new dimension to her own fantasy world. Dory’s lively first-person narrative is illustrated with similarly expressive line drawings, which take up about as much space as the text in this appealing early chapter book . A former teacher, Hanlon perceptively portrays the dynamics of Dory’s life at home, in the classroom, and on the playground. The story has its tender moments, but kids will find plenty to laugh about as well. A fine sequel to the popular series opener, Dory Fantasmagory (2014).”

Normally I write my own review, but this review in Booklist was so spot on, I could not have done any better.  I loved this book and the character of Dory.  I loved that her older siblings did not believe she had a real friend since she was so attached to her imaginary buddies. I loved that her mother let her wear whatever she wanted to school, including the day she wore 9 pairs of underwear, 3 pairs of leggings, 4 shirts, and 3 pairs of socks.  And I loved that she felt she had to stuff her lunchbox with salami because Mom never gives her enough. Everything about this book is endearing.  I am definitely going to read the first Dory book because I truly enjoy Dory. It is a quick 45minutes to an hour read, depending on if you get interrupted.

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