Cuantos Animales?

14 Aug

Cuantos Animales cover

Title:   Cuantos Animales?
Author:   Anna Laura Cantone
Series:   not applicable
Recommended for:   People who want to help children learn to count to ten and don’t mind that the book is in cursive
Pages:   22 pages
Call Number/Link:   SPA E TINY CANTONE, A.

Rating:   **


Enseña a los niños a contar con ilustraciones de animales.  (Translation:  Teaches children how to count with illustrations of animals.)
My first reaction was…  what a cute counting book!  It’s even better that it’s in Spanish!  Then I noticed that they wrote the words for the numbers and animals in cursive.  Arrrrrrrrgh!
It’s difficult to teach a child the correlation between the numeral, number of objects in the illustration and the number’s written form when they can’t read the words because they’re in cursive.
Parents and teachers could still read this book to children to help them learn to count to ten,  However, some people might consider the book less useful since it doesn’t help the child match the numeral with the written form of the number.
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