History Detectives: The Romans

29 May

history detectivesTitle:  The Romans
Author: Philip Ardagh
Series: History Detectives
Recommended for: Grades 3-7, Teachers 
Pages: 62
Call Number/Link:  J 937 ARD



Synopsis:  This book, which is part of a series, has introductory material that explains more about an ancient history topic, including The Romans, and Ancient Egypt.  After the child reads the introductory material, they are brought into a fictional story where some crime or mystery is happening.  Each step of the mystery has questions that lead to the next clue.  All the information they need is contained in the introductory material, and the page number for the answer to the clue is given.  The child writes down the answers to each clue.  While the page number is given, they need to use higher order thinking skills to put the information and the clues together–it is not easy!  At the end of the book, they see if they chose the guilty party if their answers to each clue was correct.  It is a puzzle mixed with history mixed with comprehension skills!  It is a common core teacher’s dream!  And Bethany loved it.  🙂




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