The Year of the Fortune Cookie

25 Apr

fortune cookieTitle: The Year of the Fortune Cookie
Author: Andrea Cheng
Series: Anna Wang
Recommended for: 2nd-4th grade
Call Number/Link:  J FICTION CHENG, A. 

Synopsis: Anna is new to middle school and one of the only Asian kids in her school. She struggles with her identity and her ethnicity, feeling American and looking Asian.  Anna’s former teacher and her husband have been approved to adopt a baby girl from China, just as Anna’s parents had done a few years before.  They invite Anna to go with, since she speaks some Mandarin. Anna looks forward to the opportunity, and wants to visit the orphanage that her sister is from.  She and some of her classmates have a fund raiser for money by making fortune and selling fortune cookies for the orphanage and also knit hats for the babies there.  While Anna is in China, she looks like everyone else, but feels out of place.  Through this experience Anna learns more about herself and her heritage. This book is the third in the series, following The Year of the Book and The Year of the Baby.

Review: I found this series while looking for books for Girls Read.  It looks into the life of an Chinese-American family and how they fit into their modern American culture.  Although Anna is in sixth grade,  this illustrated book has more of a younger elementary feel . I would recommend it for the younger child or maybe if someone is looking for a book with diversity since it addresses issues of race, culture, and stereotypes.


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