The Marigold Mess

22 Apr

marigoldTitle: The Marigold Mess
Author: Jacqueline Jules
Series: Sofia Martinez
Recommended for: 1st and 2nd graders who are reading independently
Pages: 27
Call Number/Link:  E READER JULES, J.   

Synopsis:  Sofia is so excited to wash the car! It is a way better chore than dusting again. But when Sofia starts to clean the car, she makes a muddy mess of her mom’s marigolds.

Review:  The story is realistic, if simplistic.  There is no doubt where this story is going from the moment it begins.  The only surprise in the whole story is that her dad doesn’t get mad about her mistakes, he just compliments her on how she solved the problems she created.

However, this book was not purchased for its high literary value.  It was purchased because I cannot think of a single Latino character in our early reader section–unless you count Dora!  The value in this story is the attempt to be representative of our community.  This is a nice, contemporary story with a Latino main character.  Other nice features include Spanish words interspersed naturally through the text in red, with a glossary in back.  They also have comprehension questions and discussion questions at the end, which a lot of parents ask about now.  A decent example of a letter C early reader!

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