Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress

18 Feb


morris1Title: Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress

Author: Christine Baldacchino

Recommended for: ages 4-7, PreK-2nd
Pages: 32 pages
Call Number/Link: E Baldacchino,C.

 Synopsis: Morris is a little boy who loves the color orange like his mother’s hair and his cat Moo.  He unfortunately he is teased at school because of his love to play in the dress up center.  Students eventually come around when he brings one of his paintings to school that shows his wonderful imagination.

Review: This is a great book to show that everyone can play in a dress when they are young and no one should tease someone for their choice.  A child’s imagination should not be hampered by what society feels they should or should not wear.  It teaches children that it is OK to try new things and not only girls can wear dress up clothes and not only boys can play with space ships.  It wonderful lesson to children that they can make their own path. Children should especially not make someone else feel poorly if they do not agree with what they are doing.  Great lesson book for parents, grandparents and teachers alike to read to children in order for them to understand the differences in us all.

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