The Mother-Daughter Book Club

22 Jan


Title: The Mother-Daughter Book Club
Author: Heather Vogel-Frederick
Series: The Mother-Daughter Book Club
Recommended for: 4th thru 7th grade
Pages: 236
Call Number/Link: J FRE

Synopsis: “When the mothers of four sixth-grade girls with very different personalities pressure them into forming a book club, they find, as they read and discuss “Little Women,” that they have much more in common than they could have imagined. ”

I chose this book because it has to do with mothers and daughters, and it is the beginning of a series.  I love to read a continuing series.  I finished this book having mixed feelings.  I read the reviews on Novelist Plus, and together they mentioned most of what I was feeling.  I like the idea of the moms and girls having a club.  I liked how the girls ended up having each others’ backs in the end.  I did not appreciate how the author had the characters negatively discuss the large behind of the town’s librarian.  Her weight was mentioned often. I thought some of the plotlines for each girl were unrealistic, yet others involving cliques rang very true.  Having never read Little Women, I cannot say how well the book used the happenings from Little Women to further the storyline. I do think that this book could inspire girls to form their own book club, hopefully not using the book’s club as too much of an example.  It may inspire them to read Little Women, although there are spoilers discussed at the book club (Beth dies?!) I would point it out but not strongly recommend the book if I had a girl searching for something to read.  I do plan on reading the next book or two in the series to see if the author changes her approach to the storylines and the characters.

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One response to “The Mother-Daughter Book Club

  1. kstevens2015

    January 26, 2015 at 6:25 pm

    I have read all the books in this series and its one of my many favorites, It’s fun to see the girls grow up and relationships change as well as the books they read in the club. It always seemed a little strange to me that they took a whole school year to do one book, but I like them just the same.



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